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Don't worry. It doesn't suck. It's an awesome motivator and a great speech. Very original one, too! I like it a lot. When you're feeling down, read this. Though there are some problems that could be fixed. 1. Your poem is too much like a paragraph, try spacing it out. 2. In the first stanza, you rep...

Though I fully agree with this poem, war will never be fully stopped, as long as peace is apparent. There will always be conflicts, sadly. "War doesn't determine who's right, war determines who's left" - Bertrand Russell. I understand your vision, and it will impact many people, but many people have...

This is a very nice poem, with great word choice. It is a nice free-verse poem, with rhymes as well, although the laddering effect of the 'one day' is a bit too exaggerated. A very original piece of work, and it will impact many people. The word 'epitaph' is a bit over-the-top, I do not know if you ...



I shine crystalline stars
Breathe normality in,
Crease out fine stains
Of questioning
And I still



In flying times, and you

With your soul

I took it with geometry
Both of them were fine

To me, I

Stare still, you still stare,

I cry dreams, tonight.
I embrace cacophony in its silence
With flurries of
Shadowed despair

You looked in,
I looked out,

Like I breathed tonight
You can use your will tomorrow

To fly spirits

And nameless enunciations

The only thing

You created was

You dream septembers,
But I dream worlds of dilemma.

I hope you've often looked at
Faded incarnations

Because you lie too much.

That's why in the holy land I led a crusade
For crass statements
I joked around

You looked around
For replications

Of redundant respects,

I found them in your heart,

You found them in me.
Poetry Doodle 1
Random doodle. Might complete it, might not.
You used to accept
Epiphany as your doctor,
and Serendipity as your teacher,
Searching for luck to teach
You fine lines in a crass world.

You used to accept
Fate as your builder,
Honor as your lawyer,
and Dreaming as your proctor,
You took tests in life,
And even more in the unconsciousness
That breathed succulent warmths
Onto tiny fires.

You used to accept
Creation as your usurper.
You would follow the wind,
Deny creation’s hold on fragile hands,
Scar through wounds,
Dance through serenades,


You dashed wavy lines
On paper jotted with scars
Of shaded hope,
Poked straight tangents
On discarded floors
In the abysses of playgrounds,
Chalked penned notes
On mottled green
As you watched the nights throw
Shadows onto the sky.

You admitted your pasts, your presents, your futures,
Divided by zero because you could,
Washed paint off of walled graffiti
As you stared at the silver rose’s prickly thorns.
Lied in clinging elasticity
Found fervor with my respect
Yield to graying priests and I still pray
To the Devil for some news
And you still walk zeniths down my assigned stains
To my classrooms you steered
Parked across a Sultan courtyard
You drove through brevity

You amassed centuries into millenniums,
Partook in stories, acted in legends,


As crests of faded violet
Smudged empty halls,
Your eyes opened for the first time,
You saw the violet world
Decreed a trial by fire,

You draw your sins now.
You paint death with eerie lights
With realist views and fervent sighs
Vanishing precision,
You still drew life…


When oblivion encompassed you
I stood there with my vanity
You stood there with your silence
But you were the one
Who preached…

But when your hinges
Tore through your confused brain,
I watched your psychotic side
Rust metal with definite ease,

You taunted vagaries in trawled divinities
Phantasmagoric sights of miasmas unaired
Your cadaverous sin laid waste
With the blood in trinities
Equivocal in focus,
Pillaging in thought

I still tremble when
Your hand grips mine
I can’t hold your sins for you when you smile
I know the emptiness in that smile
For you were the type who preached
Meaninglessness for God’s annoyance
You were the type who treaded curiosity
On hills because it was fun
You were the free spirit, chained to ambition

Give me a dream, and I’ll paint your sanity
With the steam colored modules of glass clockwork
I’ll wrap it in nutcracker’s woe
Around a gear-destined antiquity
It’ll rotate a tiny music box
That keeps playing the same tune for
No one to hear.

I’ll give you the irony of a heart-filled flute
Stroke the brushes of my heinous tandem

But your heart was a piano, so easily played
A note resonated darkness’s light when I always
Broke silence with respecting reveries

Call me a Jester, I’ll make you laugh when
Smiles are thin and torn books are virtue
I’ll call you an anecdote, you’re the story
Behind the scenes of every page I wrote

I’ll call you my lute, my serendipity
From beginning to end I still dreamed the fate of luck’s cause
Call me ignorant, I’ll show you ignorance
When the word pure is shaven grey
Blind darkness in bound freedom
And when naivety was the only blue still missing
You will give me your lullaby of sin
With the touch of a dreary promise it haunted me to my
Mysterious shadows found in vacuums of filled space

So call me a monster, I turned sin into an art,
That’s why I write poetry.

And I still walk through your instruments of sin
With the walk of a whim, with the walk of a tangent
You’ll play me your last note
In guilty time I will sheen hope
In the world of felicity  
I’ll look to recollection
Like a war-borne chalice
I’ll engrave my thoughts onto mottled stone


Are immortal in agony
For shadows wilt in time

They always wilt in time.

Not because the darkness erodes with light
But because the form erodes with time.
I’ll drown in misery and sorrowed woe,
Fold pages, for pages may fold,
Down in streetlights, I watch the clocks glow,
Time passes for life’s gift,
For its gift, to hold.

I’ll shape shift shifting shapes of cerebral panic,
Cause redundant strings to disembark
On relentless voyages for fallen glory.

I’ll breathe smiles if you could listen to me
Brush wavy lines and rift souls,
Paint delight into misery’s tangents,
Gently stroke whispering pens
As they bleed black ink
Onto crimson paper.

I seldom thought that art
Could be perfect,
Could stand out as destiny’s right hand,
Fate’s left foot,
Luck’s eyes,
Death’s ears,
Fortune’s chest and
God’s heart.

Part of me still wants to hold on to that yearning star
Shining like crystalline scars.

Part of me still wants to hold on to that silky promise,
Dreaming like refined gold.

Part of me still wants to hold on to that faceless mask,
Staring like diamond’s thought.

Part of me still wants to hold on to that soulless incarnation,
Clinging like sapphire blue.

Part of me still wants to hold on to that stab wound,
Dripping ruby red like memories…

Do you remember when the Chalkduster wiped away
Our precious precognitions
Of contingencies remembered?

Perhaps if I reminded you that knives couldn’t stab me enough in the heart,
To make me feel that pain?

Perhaps if I reminded you that a wound to the soul
Scarred minds,

But a stab to the heart
Hurt less?

Just let it end,

I’m whirling in agony,
Flailing in despair,

My brushes are painting black and white
And I don’t know which one to choose in life

Cause I can’t see the colors anymore.

Maybe if you told me that the green of emeralds was life,
I would agree with you,

Because you could see.

You could see everything,
You harbored omnipresence in your eyes,

But you wronged so much.
You wrought blight after blight,
And all I could do was stare
As black and white flames

Drowned me in oceans,

Because I can’t tell if they’re blue or red.

Maybe if you had told me that

Life was a game,

I would have agreed with you?

I believed your unerring disposition
And brutal honesty,
But all I got back
Was a loss of color, insight,

I can’t see you anymore.

I don’t think I ever did.

I don’t want to think I ever did.


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